Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Summer in town!

Gosh, being in Holland is good for your tan!
Time to think of other things then Iceland for a sec :)
Been bouldering in Rotterdam today and had great fun and sore fingertips in the end!
Dennis and me went to "Blok op Zuid" an artificial bloc that looks quite real. There is a whole topo and design idea with the bloc.

Blok op Zuid Bouldering from Marianne van der Steen on Vimeo.


Leon said...


Ben heeeeeel benieuwd hoe dat blok aanvoelt, hoop er snel eens naar toe te kunnen!

. said...

Zullen we een keertje samen gaan?
T is nu mooi weer ;)

. said...

...crap, no sound! Sorry, I'll change the video :(
Sometimes youtube has this annoying things, so here Vimeo