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Scarpa is an Italian shoe brand. The name actually means 'shoe' in Italian. You might know the brand from the stylish outdoor approach shoes but that's not the only thing they make. They actually have the best and most technical range of climbing shoes. From trailrunning shoes and sportsclimbing shoes to alpine shoes and the most modern mixed climbing shoes. And as those sports are the thing we do daily we proudly represent Scarpa. 
Annually Scarpa proved us with a range of shoes fitting our lifestyle and climbing. 
Like their Facebook page to follow all the athletes and get the latest news and inspiration about our lifestyle. Or visit the Scarpa website to find your favourite shoe. 

NKBV is short for 'Nederlandse Klim- en Bergsport Vereniging'. The one and only Dutch Climbing and Mountaineering Federation. We join the Worldcup Iceclimbing and represent the NKBV in these competitions. The NKBV gives us a financial support and helps us with exposure of our most favourite sports; iceclimbing. We also support the NKBV by giving courses, clinics, lectures, safety advice and we organise the Dutch Drytool Event for the NKBV. 
Webpage with news, forum, and a huge educational source here: nkbv.nl and their Facebook page.

Alpine Mentors is the organization by Steve House to train young Alpinists the techniques that they need to climb their dream routes in a safe way. Steve has done an amazing job in helping me the last two years in the first version of the Alpine Mentor Programme.
Follow the adventures and like their Facebook page or visit their website and give some support!

I am ambassador of the European organisation 'Respect the Mountains'. They support and try to improve sustainable use of the mountains. Their '7-ways-to-respect-the-mountains' is the way to help others to use the mountains in a respectful way. 
Book smart > Travel wise > Support sustainable practises > Be a respectful and responsible mountain tourist > Leave no trace > Reduce, reuse, recycle and upcycle > Spread the word. 
Read more on their website: respectthemountains.com or Facebook

Monte Cervino is one of my favourite climbing gyms in the Netherlands. The single highest outdoor wall, the highest indoor wall and the best routes. But not only because of the routes I like to climb here but also because of their good coffee, meals, beer and best climbing partners. 
Want to go here too? Find their location, opening hours and more on their site or Facebook. 

Second You is a small clothing brand that tries to make their way into the bigger scene. Their idea: make clothing that fits your body and feels like a second skin, in other words: Second You. 
I like their style and clothing and so support their brand. It's functional, flexible and perfect for climbing, running, yoga, fitness and anything in between. 
Want to wear this too? Visit their Facebook page and find out your favourite piece. 

Mountain Hardwear is the brand if you need a jacket, fleece, sleepingbag or anything for your Alpine, Climbing, Hiking or whatever outdoor adventure. Mountain Hardwear in the Netherlands has supported us with clothing package last year. With our Mountain Hardwear jackets we've climbed the Moonflower in Alaska and other hard Alpine and Ice climbs. 
Want to have a Mountain Hardwear jacket or sleepingbag too? Find your nearest shop on their webspage or visit their Facebook page for your outdoor inspriation. 

... and not to forget my mum and dad :D
 My parents are my most faithful supporters. Without them I would not be where I am in my climbing today. They're super sportive themselves and understand more then everyone else my need for movement.