Sunday, November 26, 2006

Got nothing more to say I what they say about chicks&bikes.

Monday, November 20, 2006

Global orgasm

this is a call for the world.
Wait with all your Christmas messages...think about your lover, waitress, houswife, ex-girlfriend...
Because on the 22nd of December there are more important things then work, its time for world piece!
The American piece activists Donna Sheehan and Paul Reffell know a way to free loads of positive energy all over the world.
Check this site!
And, erh, have fun on the 22nd...

Friday, November 17, 2006

A new home

Okay, this is the 6th home that I'm moving to in just a couple years time...But thisone is the best ever. Bit designish and very clean room. With all for me, not just one room, no, no, everything together: kitchen (neukenindekeuken?) , bedroom and bathroom. Not really big, but big enough for me. Really :)
And I'm so happy with it! I'll move in one week I think.
Qurious about my adress? Mail me (might be safer then just placing my adress online...)

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Viagra for women

So...and what do you think about Viagra.
We, (as 'we Dutch people') can only get Viagra when we're old (over 65) and have some kind of disease.
Luckily there are enough Americans who can try all different kind of Viagras for us.
And this is the result.
Have fun reading :)

Monday, November 13, 2006

Chickies on tour!

Oh yeah! Its was so cool! Reaaly!
We, the Chicks of the USAC won the Battle of the Sacs! After almost 24hours fulltime racing, biking, kayaking, climbing, running and binking again we finished as 9th.
Which was the first place for the womens. We're really proud of it.
All the time, also in the rain, cold and after going in the wrong direction I had a non-stop smile on my face. The only thing I could say when the organisation asked if I liked it all was: "ies leuk man!" (which means 'yeah dude, this is fun!')
Here some picks of the whole tour.
Thanks guys for this amazing race, again.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Battle of the Sacs

The time is almost there. This friday and saturday we have Battle of the SACs. Its a massive survival race for teams of all Dutch student alpine clubs (sac).
And I join, again. For the third time. This year I have a real team (last year and the first battle year, 2004, I heard one hour before the sart that I could join as well...)
It will be hard, tough, muddy, but fun!
The picks are from last years Battle.
Our team is called 'chickies on tour'. We're one of the few womans teams.
Our big expertices are: Vero: cycling-vamp
Janne: run-master
Esther: for the tactical part
Marianne (me?) : good mood and allround Battle-veteran
Check the site for more info. Have fun watching us cycling muddy and wet trough the center of Utrecht.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Wanna bowl me?

Talking about bowling...
Sometimes I'm just bored. I'm updating my holiday on my blog and I actually have to write an essay. So I thought about other things then school and computers...
I'll write some more about my holiday to Iceland tomorrow...

Another birthday day

Today, 'the day after'. Was again a bit a bithday day. After a little city tour, with which we went to climb the curch (actually we went by lift to the top of the tower...)
I went for some shopping and afterwards I went to Valdi's grandparents. Really greap people. His grandmum makes puppets and she's quite famous with a monkey called lulu (right?)
She (I don't mean the monkey) is really sweet and beautiful. Her husband had his birthday. Almost the whole family was there. We were eating waffles and pie. We were totally full but it was all nice.
After this little party we went to John. A really, really, really good friend of Valdi and Kjartan. He invited us for a good dinner in the Indian restaurant he works. And that was nice. It became even better when we went to a pool and bowling center. We went for pool but it became everybody knows I'm hopeless with that. You'd better let me run for miles and I'll win, but bowling...Then I always have to think about The Big Lebowsky (a movie that you must see).
So I lost greatly. John won, as he had to on his birthday.


Yes, haustmot, that means something like autumn competition (tell me if I'm wrong Valdi)
And we joined.
And we even won!
It was a great comp. No big roups of yelling spectators, no people talking begind you about how good or bad you're climbing. No spotlights. Just climb together and make fun for two hours.
And really, it was fun. The boulders were great and the people even more.
So, actually, I think, this was the best competition I've ever had, and thats not only because I won a beautiful hat (which I wear all day now)

Wind walls

Okay, as I said, we thought that the weather would be good. And actually, as you see, the sun was shining, no clouds, only blue sky. But...there was wind. A lot of wind, really. Too much wind. Our food blew away like it were feathers. You even could easily flag on the wall without using any strength and power at all...
One pole of the tent broke and one was bend. And the tent was rining and shaking all night.
Even the cliffs were whistling. Bit scary even.
But after two whole days of wind, it all went quiet.
For us this was the time to go back home. After some great climbing...Up to the bouldering competition. But not before I saw an amazing glacier lake and all the strange big, massive not climable mountains again...

Island 2

Till at about 7 oclock we were walking in the city. There was only one bike, so walking was our option. But that was not a problem at all. It was fun to walk and talk together in the cold sunny city.
The next day started with our magnificant breakfast. Skyr! That is something like a natoinal sporters drug. Everybody eats it. And its my favourite.
After some newspaper reading (I couldn't read anything of the new language) We decided to go out in the sun. Climbing of course. And we went, with dog (Esja!) and a rope to Valshamer.
The cliff was small but the routes were good, the view was beautiful and the cold even better.
This was also Kjartans special day. It was his birthday. A good one. With a great meal and a lot of fun.
The next day was our day. Because we would go to another climbing area. Not for one day, no, for a couple days. The weather was supposed to be a bit windy, no rain and sunshine for almost the whole day. Good weather :) At least...thats was we tought...
On our way we saw great waterfalls (with fully round rainbows!) amazing glaciers, strange roads and much more.

Island 1

Finally, this must be my time.
I was even nervous for my trip.
On my own I went by train to Schiphol Airport. Almost there I got a call from Valimar. "Hey you, we'll arrive at the same time. So we can travel to Reykjavik together." Thats was great to hear. In the first place it was great to her his voice, and second, that message was good because now I woulndt have the trouble of being there on my own. (Which still is a bit scary in a new country whith strange people...)
We had loads of thing to talk about. Especially the Nordic Championships. They were there.
I saw Valdi's family, Kjartan his brother, Helga his sister and his mum ofcourse. It was freezingly cold and that evening we still ate icecream. Greater welcome was not possible :)
The next day we went to the gym. I was really curious to see the gym. I already heard many, many storys about the gym and its people. To now it was my time to see it all.
Valdi was asked to do one group. I tried to help him. Which was a bit strange. I didn't knew anything about the whole language except from some words from a strange Icelandic song.
So it all went out that I tried to make some picktures.
After that we went for a little sightseeing tour trough Reykjavik.