Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Island 2

Till at about 7 oclock we were walking in the city. There was only one bike, so walking was our option. But that was not a problem at all. It was fun to walk and talk together in the cold sunny city.
The next day started with our magnificant breakfast. Skyr! That is something like a natoinal sporters drug. Everybody eats it. And its my favourite.
After some newspaper reading (I couldn't read anything of the new language) We decided to go out in the sun. Climbing of course. And we went, with dog (Esja!) and a rope to Valshamer.
The cliff was small but the routes were good, the view was beautiful and the cold even better.
This was also Kjartans special day. It was his birthday. A good one. With a great meal and a lot of fun.
The next day was our day. Because we would go to another climbing area. Not for one day, no, for a couple days. The weather was supposed to be a bit windy, no rain and sunshine for almost the whole day. Good weather :) At least...thats was we tought...
On our way we saw great waterfalls (with fully round rainbows!) amazing glaciers, strange roads and much more.

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