Thursday, November 09, 2006

Battle of the Sacs

The time is almost there. This friday and saturday we have Battle of the SACs. Its a massive survival race for teams of all Dutch student alpine clubs (sac).
And I join, again. For the third time. This year I have a real team (last year and the first battle year, 2004, I heard one hour before the sart that I could join as well...)
It will be hard, tough, muddy, but fun!
The picks are from last years Battle.
Our team is called 'chickies on tour'. We're one of the few womans teams.
Our big expertices are: Vero: cycling-vamp
Janne: run-master
Esther: for the tactical part
Marianne (me?) : good mood and allround Battle-veteran
Check the site for more info. Have fun watching us cycling muddy and wet trough the center of Utrecht.

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