Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Iceland has become a Russian colony

Today President Putin of Russia gave Iceland a nice birthday-present. (Putin has his birthday today) (http://mbl.is/mm/frettir/innlent/2008/10/07/gudni_og_putin/)
He sponsored Iceland with 78 billion Krónur. (Probably a loan) To save the banks and economy in Iceland.
The Icelandic coin (Krónur) has seriously gone down the last weeks and it doesn't seem to stabilize.
Banks get in trouble, pensions get in trouble and as more then half of the population got a loan at a foreign bank, the whole country seems to be bankrupt.
I went to do some shopping yesterday and saw my favorite food getting almost twice as expensive. A lot of food here is imported from Europe and the States and they, in some cases, even stopped importing it.
Great, now I have an ok job but no money to spend in Europe. In other words: do you live in Europe, fly for 300 Euros for a long weekend to Iceland including hotel and all...(See Icelandair.nl)