Monday, April 02, 2007

Anansi - trainneeship

The last day of my traineeship I had to do an activity from school.
And it was difficult because my school found that I had to do something with music and that was actually not possible in the strict children's program.
So I did my own thing and it was a really cool result.
My goal was more interaction between the parents and their child and see how to work together on one paper with different children.

So..last weekend I thought that I'd go to the sun. No way that there was as much sun as in the Netherlands that day. For the USAC I went to northern France to give some climbing course.
No real climbing for me even. I had one day of the two that I just climbed One, really, just ONE, uno, één, einn route. And I didn't even got warm in it. That was shit. But in the end it was all nice, friendly and enjoyable to be there for the first time with USAC.
Except some of the students. I wont tell more then that I just think that she shouldn't climb...
Anyway. Here are the pics.