Sunday, March 18, 2007

Climbing vids

Im always looking at new opportunities to see more of climbing. And nowadays I get more and more again into alpinism again. So, I saw the website of Menno again. Just to look at his amazing pics. Im some way he, and some other climbing photorgaphers can get me hooked. Hooked onto things again. Alpinism for example.
Trough there I got to the website of Posing Productions
There you can find the best climbing vids ever. Well, not all, but at least a lot.
Same actually for ordering stuff which is not being sold in the Netherlands. Haresses and more gear like that. Take a look at this French website.
Enough climbing on this late evening. Altough, can climbing ever be enough?
Sleep tight.
P.S; the pic is of El Chorro, Malaga, Spain. Where Valdi and I were this winter.
I´ll tell the whole hitch hinking story later on.


This weekend I decided to go to my parents and celebrate my birthday a bit.
That means playing games, walking in nature, having fun with my brother and sit in the bath for hours.
So, that was all fine and relaxing. I didnt even want to make any homework. Well, maybe I schould now, but that is my business.
My dad took me to a new to develop recreation and nature area called Pen-island. Pen was then old electricity factory near Muiden. Now replaced by a smaller factory.
The island was there for ages. As a child I went there with my uncle to discover the mushy muddy bushy place, which was always exciting and scary becuase you got sucked into the mud till your hips (at least, that happend when you got off the path we'd made every summer)
Now it was all loads more clear, we were even able to see the big lake (Ijsselmeer) for real.
My dad is a fanactic photographer and took over 50 pics, running for the sun, to get the best light and sun on the trees, birds and lake, he got out of breath in the cold wind.
When he's playing with his camera he just forgets time and he is focussed on every little detail around him.
Like this morning he took the most beautiful pics of a bird building its nest. He forgot his breakfast and his tea got cold. But, he had the bird...

Saturday, March 17, 2007


So...Actually I never celebrate my birthday properly. I decided to do that a bit different this year. I just invite all my friends and see who comes. Guys and chicks, you're all invited on the 21st of March, that is in the evening at my place. For my address, just mail me. Ow, and take something to drink with you. Like a nice Leffe or an good applejuice. I don't know who is going to come to the little party, so thats why you better also take something yourself. See ya then!


Hello people,
yes, sorry, havent been here for a long time... Was just pretty busy with climbing-valdi-studying-working and even more climbing.
But, I hope I can make it up to you.
With nice pics again and some sweet stories.
Have fun reading.