Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Another birthday day

Today, 'the day after'. Was again a bit a bithday day. After a little city tour, with which we went to climb the curch (actually we went by lift to the top of the tower...)
I went for some shopping and afterwards I went to Valdi's grandparents. Really greap people. His grandmum makes puppets and she's quite famous with a monkey called lulu (right?)
She (I don't mean the monkey) is really sweet and beautiful. Her husband had his birthday. Almost the whole family was there. We were eating waffles and pie. We were totally full but it was all nice.
After this little party we went to John. A really, really, really good friend of Valdi and Kjartan. He invited us for a good dinner in the Indian restaurant he works. And that was nice. It became even better when we went to a pool and bowling center. We went for pool but it became bowling...as everybody knows I'm hopeless with that. You'd better let me run for miles and I'll win, but bowling...Then I always have to think about The Big Lebowsky (a movie that you must see).
So I lost greatly. John won, as he had to on his birthday.

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