Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Island 1

Finally, this must be my time.
I was even nervous for my trip.
On my own I went by train to Schiphol Airport. Almost there I got a call from Valimar. "Hey you, we'll arrive at the same time. So we can travel to Reykjavik together." Thats was great to hear. In the first place it was great to her his voice, and second, that message was good because now I woulndt have the trouble of being there on my own. (Which still is a bit scary in a new country whith strange people...)
We had loads of thing to talk about. Especially the Nordic Championships. They were there.
I saw Valdi's family, Kjartan his brother, Helga his sister and his mum ofcourse. It was freezingly cold and that evening we still ate icecream. Greater welcome was not possible :)
The next day we went to the gym. I was really curious to see the gym. I already heard many, many storys about the gym and its people. To now it was my time to see it all.
Valdi was asked to do one group. I tried to help him. Which was a bit strange. I didn't knew anything about the whole language except from some words from a strange Icelandic song.
So it all went out that I tried to make some picktures.
After that we went for a little sightseeing tour trough Reykjavik.

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