Sunday, October 15, 2006

Dutch championships and travelling

Finally, it was there, the Dutch Championships Leadclimbing 2006.
And I lost...I became 14th, or, last.
Unfortunately its late now (11:36 PM) and I'm tired, so I don't have mucht time to write about it.
But, it was fun in the end.
And now the next thing: my next trip! To Iceland. Tomorrow I'll fly to Iceland. All on my own. Pritty cool, I've never been that far away from home on my own. But, really, I wont be lonely. I've got some good friends there, and one in special: Valdimar. Hey, thanks man, that I can stay there with you, and that you have time for me, so that we can do things (like climbing).
Its going to be really cool and I can't wait till they all are there as well. "Wat do you mean with that"..I hear you thinking...well...Valdi and his friends will arrive many hours later. Si I'll be there with his mum, brother and sister, without anyone I know in person...Strange situation, but I can't help it. Flying one day later will cost me 300 euro's more, so that wasn't an option.
Well...I'll go asleep now and see what all the days will bring.
I'll be back in two weeks.
See ya! (Yahoo!)

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