Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Climbing, climbing and even more...climbing

Gosh, isn't there anything else I do on those days? Probably not. because when I'm not climbing I feel sad and bored.
More then a week ago I had the last Promotion Competition of this season. The last chanch to get a qualification for the Ducht Championships. And, I'd made it! Even still that I fucked it up, because I was so nervous (again).
One week later, last weekend, I had the next competition. The qualifications for the Dutch Bouldering Champs. Really cool qualification. Because you can boulder all together except in the finals. I'd made it to the finals, easily. But then there were those finals...And that was really shit. really. I was so nervous! I became even a little sick with it, and sometimes it was all black in front of my eyes. I haven't been that nervous for a long time. I knew I could make it to the Champs, but, this time, I just couldn't hold on the grips anymore. So...I became seventh. And I had to become sixth to join the finals on the second of december...
I had to cry, when I was at home again. Syupid me, why, why can I be that nervous?
Okay, next year maybe better... next year I'll make it all.

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