Friday, September 22, 2006


Yesterday I heard a really, really funny story about a twelve year old girl with the Down-syndrome.
She was with her parents to the zoo. And because of her age, their parents left her alone and sat down together while she looked at the animals in front of where they sat down.
Suddenly she was lost and they couldnt find her anywhere. So the whole zoo started looking for her. They found her at the residence of the pinguins. She sat there on the other side of the water together with the pingu's.
They took her home and she inmediately had to tkae a bath because she smelled terrible to pinguin and dead fish. She was able to take a bath by herself.
After a while her mum took a look in the bathroom to see how she was doing. And she saw her child playing with a baby-pinguin in the tub! It appeared to be that she took a baby pinguin in her bag home.
So...her parents had to go back to the zoo...
(I imaging ringing the bell of the zoo "ping-guinnn", yes.., hello, whe accidently found this creature in the bag of our child...)

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