Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Jane for AKI

So, and again a climbing issue. Is there nothing else she does, you would think. Well...maybe you're right. I'm climbing almost every day and when I'm not climbing, I'm working in the gym or do something for the Dutch climbing organisation (NKBV) like judging.
So now there is something new. Because of the change of the Dutch system of being climbing instructor, they (the student alpine club of Utrecht, USAC) aked me if I would like to be a official climbing teacher. Ofcourse I'd like that.
So now I'm going to practise for emergency technics for saving people in the rocks and stuff. It's not that heavy, it's just a course which most of the climber follow, but I'm going to try the new version and the version in which I can teach other people as well.
It's called AKI, assistent climbing instructor. After my AKI I'll go for my SKI, sports climbing instructor. And then, maybe in a year or so I'll go for my Irata thingy.
Jeeesus, loads of thing to do now...

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