Saturday, September 16, 2006

Ga es effe deaud

Been working all day yesterday. Setting up new routes in the gym for the next competition (which is today)
Pritty cool, but a bit too much maybe. Its hard working, setting up routes all day long.
So, on the end of the day, a about 11 o' clock I went down to pick up my bike and cycle home. (Which takes 30 minutes)
And there was no bike.
Shit. (Which ment: fucking hell, now way, this can't be true, who stole my bike, I'm going to kill this fucker, aah!)
So, no bike here anymore.
I'm really unhappy now. Imagine: Marianne without a bike is like a taxidriver without a car. (Or something like that)
Translation of "Ga es effe deaud": Please die now (which I say to the one who stole my bike)

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