Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Today, its time to go back to school. (Yesterday as well)
And actually, its not that bad. The teachers are ok and the lessons are interesting (already after the first day). Only the girls (and 4 boys) in my class suck. Really. They're like dumb cows. Not interesting lives and way too young (17/18 years old).
We had to interview eachother about our lives. Afterwards you had to tell the whole class what kind of person the interviewed is. So I interviewed some girls and a guy. And they all had the same stupid life! Hobbys: shopping, watching tv, clubbing. Sports: none. Boyfriend/Girlfriend: yes, lives as me still with his parents.Job: none or administrative things... Etcetera. Jeeesus. Don't they have anything interesting to tell? Maybe I'm just not interviewing the interesting ones. But it turned out that the whole class (40 people) were all the same. No sports, no interesting hobbies. So, my class itself is not really interesting. Shit.
This is the period with not time and many thing to do.
For example, every september weekend is full with climbing. Because of the judging I do, is now evrey weekend booked with climbing. Last weekend Climbing For Kids (see picture), next weekend National Youth Competition, thereafter Gym Competition (evrey gym has his ow competition, on the end the best climbers of evrey gym compeed in a national competition), then... Till the end of october...
But its fun. Especially my own gym competition. Because I climb National competitions, I can't join the Gyms. So I organise it. Our comp is the best of all the gyms, with more then 50 competitors, a DJ for the good music, me as forerunner and speaker, real sponsored prices you can win and all new routes. So what else do you want?

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