Sunday, September 10, 2006

Going to Cave voluntarily, thats not funny

Finally back from a very, very long day of judging.
Today I had to go all the way to Heerenveen. To a brand new gym. It was one of the organisation "Cave". (Now called Mountain Network, but thats a whole diffrent story)
I used to work for Cave, but the management is so shit that I decided to quit. A good decision I think, becuase the management became even worse.
So now they have this new gym (more then 2 hours travelling away from Utrecht)
The walls were shit. Really! The gym is so terrebly low! Even lower on most places then Klimmuur Utrecht!
So there were difficult routes with traverses, bouldery starts and long ard moves. And that all for a childrens competition. I was category judge, so I had to check and manage the whole thing. Which went ok, but still. Please people (stupid Cave people) don't organise a competition anaymore, especially not here. Thanks

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