Sunday, January 11, 2015

Friends of Vertical Life

We quit our job. 
Yes, in the time where everyone is happy with just any job we decided theres more in life for us then the office we used to work.
So we quit.
Idea for now: climb, climb and share climbing.

Sharing started with the Dutch Drytool Event, clinics, teaching young climbers the drytooling skills and 2015 started with a lecture about what we’d done last year.
Inspiration for the new year.

We can live with just very little. We don’t have a home (thanks mum and dad for being the best hotel in the world) and we don’t have much we travel with.
Just Climbuz and our climbing equipment.
In return we share our experiences, teach courses about safety, techniques, skills and basics, build the climbing community, support business like our home-gym, compete in international competitions, and most of all motivate you!
As reward you will get a mention on our website with a link to your company/website.
Depending on the support there will be more in return (of course).
Think of a lecture, private drytool/climbing clinic, t-shirt with our logo...

This means we can use some support. Not only a pair of shoes, no. Diesel and food is what we basically need.

For just a little effort of €100,- you can be our supporter, our friend.
Feel free to e-mail us to meet up and talk about the possibilities:

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