Saturday, April 17, 2010

Cold in volcano country

I've had calls, texts, e-mails and more about "how's Iceland?" these days...
Well, I have to say: loads of stuck tourists in Reykjavik and for the rest nothing special.
I can't even get close to the eruption area, so no need of driving there to take pictures. In Reykjavik you read about the whole thing in the papers, listen the radio and watch tv (if you have one). The picture above I took this morning. The direction is the direction of the erupting you see...nothing special in the sky.
But it feels like 'there is an big flood in Southern France and all Americans thing the Dutch will need first aid as well'.

Though, there is a serious chance of the bigger volcano going off as well, Katla (Myrdalsjokull) and Eyjafjallajokull are connected underground.
And if something happens there, there won't be any fights going on for a longer time then just a couple days and if the wind direction changes we'd also ge
t serious ash in Reykjavik. (Don's send us ash, we asked for ca$h!)

Meanwhile I'm being homeless and sleep in my van.
Last night it was quite cold, -8 I measured on my watch. In the morning in the sun my watched measured only 3 degrees...inside the van...

But crazy Icelandic culture I'm taking over; I ate an ice cream with hot caramel sauce.
Even when it's minus 20 (degrees Celcius) the Icelanders keep on eating their ice cream. Sometimes in the evenings there are big rows outside of the shops. When they have their ice cream they sit in
cars with running engines and eat their 'gamla is i boxi med luxus dyfu' or whatever.

By the way, it's: ey-jah-fjat-lah-joe-kul (in Dutch)

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