Thursday, April 22, 2010


Yesterday at 9 Faraoe-time (8 Icelandic time) I left Iceland.
Scary, funny, exciting, weird, sad, good, double...
I stared at the cliffs until they disappeared in the darkness. All that was left was a big sea with big waves.

And now, after a 17 hour sailing (no sails on this boat though) I arrived in the Faraoe Islands (=part of Denmark) I didn't get seasick but it's weird to do fitness on a boat, to eat yogurt (half went on my trousers) and to sleep like you're in a big hammock.

With around a 1000 people in once we invaded the little town of Tørshavn, Thórshafn, or Tórshavn, still not sure of the right spelling...

And soon I'll get on my bike and cycle around the island (really, it's so tiny that I can cycle around)

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