Thursday, April 15, 2010

Great view!

Gosh, loads of things going on these days.

I'm back in Iceland and just got to hear that I can't even get back to Holland now, as they stopped flying due to the big eruption on Eyjafjallajokull (see Morgunbladid in Engish)...

Meanwhile I broke up with my boyfriend (yes I did...) and try to get some climbing here.

Yes, after four years I broke up with Valdi. No idea what more to say about it. It's hard, feels weird, but also a way.

Now up for the rest of things in life (just don't want to talk about the boyfriend issue)
Facebook has a nice button for that: "it's complicated".

I walked to the top of Esja (mountain near Reykjavik) and realised what I feel: not so much...(just like the view on the top of the mountain)

Loneley though, being suddenly on your own, stuck on an island.

I inmediately started to do something about it. By making little movies about my view on Iceland an it's culture.

Here part 1. The Supermarket

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