Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Trip to Seydisfjordur

Two days on the road with only bad internet connections. So no new post the last days.
The trips has been more and more scary. Not only because of the idea that I'll leave Iceland, but also because of the slippery roads.
All started well with a good road to Myvatn from Akureyri. When I arrived in Akureyri it was -8 in the sun and freezing cold in the night.
For breakfast I had frozen bread with frozen butter and frozen banana. The gas hardly worked because of the cold, so I drank frozen water (impossible...).
And I went for a swim! In the natural hot spring in Myvatn (yes, the secret one, I'm not going to tell you where to find it)
Yesterday I drove on to Egilsstadir and later also to Seydisfjordur.
I thought, I could still make my decision of staying in Iceland when I would arrive in Seydisfjordur, but...the road down was so bad that I really think I can't get back to Egilsstadir for the next days!
On the highlands to Egilsstadir to Myvatn (180km) I slipped and almost went off the road! Just because the wind grabbed the car on the icy road. The road to Seydisfjordur was 10 times worse: 10-15% steep hills, bends, wind and a road that looked more like an ice-skating rink then a real road.
So I slipped again, almost went off the road a couple times, and at the fourth time almost going off, I gave up driving... I stopped some Icelanders who were on the same road down and asked what I could do. One of the men offered to drive the car down. I didn't trust it for a bit, but took the chance. He also slipped a couple times, twisted two times a couple circles and got the car down in Seydisfjordur.
So tip number 1 for when you get to Iceland in winter times (which is now) : get nailed
(I mean...get nailed tyres on your car..)
Now in Seydisfjordur, I'm extremely bored and hope to get something to do soon. Something like knitting (been reading all day already).
To make it all a bit worse: loads of amazing ice here. Really, perfect conditions and...nobody to climb with! I don't get it: a country full of ice and hardly any iceclimbers.
The pictures I took on the way...

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