Monday, April 26, 2010

Weird: Back in Holland

Strange to be here again. Back in Holland.
From harsh winter weather in Seydisfjordur to mild Spring/Summer weather in Holland today. From being in Icelandic culture, talking Icelandic, eating Icelandic to Dutch again. It's strange, a pity, weird, good, all at the same time, to leave behind what I've been working on for 2,5 years...

I drove straight from my arrival in Esjberg (Denmark) back to Holland. On the way I had two very nice hitchhikers which I dropped at Hannover (thanks for the pie!)

After all the twisting and slipping on the road to Seydisfjeordur, my car was trembly and I was worried that my tyre would fall off or something. But 865km to Muiden and it was all fine. It probably just had to be balanced again or something.

It, means my van. I've been thinking of a name. Þorkell sounds funny, as nobody in mainland Europe can pronounce the name. Or Stjáni blái, the Icelandic name for Popeye. As my car is blue (blái) big and strong, I thought it would fit.

The trip on the ferry is extremely boring, as expected. I was happy having my cycle tour in the Faraoe Islands and the possibility of fitness and swimming on the ferry.

On the way home I got only stopped once. The police had to figure my numberplate and couldn't place it.
I was very jokey and told them it was probably a hard game figuring the origin of my numberplate.
I forgot to write on my car:

Bankroet ehf (efh=Icelandic for the Dutch 'bv') (bankroet=bankrupt, but roet=ash)
Waarde(loos) transport (value 'less' transport)

I'm thinking of making a big sticker for on the window. Nobody will get the joke though, only when they recognise the numberplate.

Now I'll have to start building up my things again here in Holland. Finding myself a place to live, friends to climb with, finish my studies, find a job...

This is my tick-list for now:
- change car into official campervan
- get the tyres balanced again
- get through Dutch MOT.
- get Dutch numberplates
- start paying Dutch car tax/insurance
- write/finish my studies (takes more then a month I guess)
- get fit in climbing again (train 5x a week)
- get myself a job (IRATA)
- have enough money to go to Iceland for a visit
- go to Berdorf, Ettringen, Freyr, Frankenura...and go to the Alps this Summer!
- learn to dance Salsa
- clean up the mess in my room (sorry mum, I'll really clean it up...)
- become rich ;)


Michael said...

Like your ticklist.

Michael said...

Welcome back in Holland !

. said...

Hi Michael,
dankje! Keertje samen gaan klimmen?
Volgende week ben ik in Freyr :)