Sunday, April 18, 2010

More changes

OK. After breaking up with Valdimar, loads of things changed.

Last night, after Örvar's birthday (Beautiful black hair Örvar!) party, I decided I should get on...

The main thing is, that I'm now driving up North and will try to catch the boat. I'm still doubting if I really should get out of Iceland now or not. Should I suddenly leave behind all these things I'd been working for for years?
It feels weird but every hour and day I'm getting more 'relieve' and energy again to move on an make a plan of what I'm going to do next.

One of the main things playing in my head, is my studies. I really think now I should finish what I'm doing, more then ever I'm motivated to lock myself up in a box and write what I have to write for my studies.

But now first getting further up North into the cold.
Hopefully I find somebody to climb with, preferably ice! But rock or boulders are ok as well :)
And then see tomorrow if I can catch the boat or not!

It's scary and lonely to drive all the way (more then 800km) on my own through no-mans-land, but it's also beautiful to see the country again...

These pictures I took today on the way to Akureyri.

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