Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Het altijd gezellige...Seydisfjordur

Monday evening I arrived in Seydisfjordur after a very interesting slippery drive.

Yesterday I spent the whole day doing...nothing... It's surprising how little a town can offer. One supermarket, two wool shops and some shop that said it sells medicines but actually sells make-up. No horseriding (I planned to go horseback riding), no cinema, no museum, no...nothing.

So I went for a long walk and spotted amazing cliffs and ice. Perfect short dry/mixed routes and longer ice lines. I know I'm not the first to climb here (if I would have find any belaybitch), Gummi and his friend have been here before (see their report on

I asked all around town if they knew any iceclimbers. Went to the fire brigade, rescue services, supermarket, school, youth hostel, some restaurants (only open in weekends...), asked some fishermen. But no, no iceclimbers in this town. Skiing then, horseback riding, walking, no....nothing.

It was very tempting just to take my axes and go somewhere on my own, but, knowing that there are no iceclimbers here I guessed nobody would know how to save me if anything would happen...

So I went cycling instead, bought some wool to knit a pair of socks and had as a mission to get free internet out of my car (here it is:)

Today same crappy weather, even worse (more snow) and nothing to do.

Any suggestions? (Yes, already been reading, writing, knitting, sleeping, cleaning, calling, chatting)

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