Saturday, May 01, 2010

Freyr and Petzl

I feel very flattered, amazed, exited, respected, motivated, energetic... I'm officially sponsored by Petzl!
Last Friday we signed our contacts!
And we climbed in Freyr with our new draws.
There's sun, slippery classic Freyr cliffs and fun!
Hopefully more climbing the next days :D


Leon said...

Wohooo!! Congratuliations on your sponsor-contract! So, quickdraws, anything else that they are sponsorring you with? Petzl is cool.

Craig Smith said...

Well done Marianne!! Does that mean you can sell me your nice Fusion2's?? Petzl won't be happy with you using them!!!

. said...

Petzl is basically sponsoring me with everything I need (even boyfriends). So, yes, I'm very happy with my sponsorship thing :)
@ Craig: uhm...that's a long story on how I got those Fusion axes...they're sort of not mine...
You can buy my DMM Rebel's though ;) (interested in 8 DMM harnesses, 10 karab., and more? See my "sale" page.