Sunday, May 30, 2010

NSK Sportklimmen

Yesterday (and officially today as well) I competed in the Dutch Student Championships Lead climbing (short: NSK Sportklimmen)
And gosh, suddenly I was a little insecure girl, not knowing if I could climb on these walls and if I'd reach a proper place in the ranking. I got completely influenced by arrogant girls who were telling me they're basically better climbers.
When people shouted up when I was climbing I wasn't thinking of climbing better but thinking of the girls who were all hoping I'd fall off so they would win. So I climbed too slow, too insecure and not strong enough.
Strange how much influence people can have on me.
All the waiting in between the routes didn't help either. I was happy that they shortened the program to just one day to avoid having the finals in the rain (it's raining here today)
Though, I reached second place.
I drove to Utrecht with Jasmijn (who became 6th) and Truong Ngo, who also landed in second place. And now up for the next competition in Amsterdam, bouldering this time. Hopefully I'll do better there :)


Troy s said...

Hi Marianne,

Congrats on you second place in Enschede. Keeping your nerves at competitions can be quite challenging for some. But it is part of the package deal.

I happen to have met the girls who are ranked first and third in Font a couple of times. I hope your not hinting towards them when you say "by arrogant girls who were telling me they're basically better climbers"
If they are anything these two are not arrogant!

Congrats again on your second place, well deserved!

chris borns said...

Hello Marianne,

Congrats too with your podium place last saturday!

However, it doesn't show very good sportsmanship to call your fellow competitors arrogant and blame your 'loss' on that.
As troy said, competition stress is part of the game and being the favorite is not always easy...

The girls I know who climbed at the NSK (including the other podium places) are all but arrogant. I would call them enthousiastic and motivated climbers instead! But perhaps you are talking about different persons...

Anyway, good luck in future competitions, hopefully without stupid, arrogant and better climbers! ;)