Sunday, May 09, 2010

Climbing is the rain

Last week I drove down South (sounds like driving to warm sunny weather...)
Freyr was our destination.
We were invited by Petzl in the classic Freyr restaurant (Le Chamonix) to sign our 2010 contract. Really amazing to be member of a team with the world's best climbers!
Though, the weather was quite bad...rain, cold and I even got sick! Sore stomach, fever for a day and the next day my belaybitch (Dennis) had the same thing :(
But, I found some new projects and when you have the right route, Freyr is not that slippery :)
Though...sometimes the Dutch climbers should try to shut up and climb instead of scream over the cliffs that it's scary/high/difficult/slack/...
Here a little (unfinished) video of my adventures.

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