Sunday, May 30, 2010

2 competitions in one weekend

...And yes again competition climbing today.
This time bouldering. Really fun relaxed atmosphere in THEA, Amsterdam (Tussen Hemel en Aarde=Between Heaven and Earth, as the gym is in a church)
Climbing with other good climbers who respect each other and are interested in what others climb. Such a good support to be around these people. (Thanks Bart, Roelien, Hans, Mariana, Joost, ....)
Nikki joined, but didn't put in here score card, Mariana, Roelien, Rianne, Martina and others did put in their score cards and surprisingly, I won! As price I got a pair of climbing shoes :)
It's very motivational to win this little comp and see where I stand between the other climbers.
Mariana won the over-all Winter competition. She got a really cool big triple crashpad!
Though, I still have to keep on training. I notice that my fingerstrength really has to improve and I need to get some more powerendurance. I can do most of the moves, but get tired fast.
So, restday tomorrow and then training again!

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