Tuesday, June 01, 2010


I'm still sponsored by Boreal, it just all went so slow that I wasn't sure anymore if Boreal was still interested in what I do and what I climb.
But, it all changed again and I got new shoes!
First: the IceMaster, renewed and even lighter then the pervious version. They're slightly higher and the looks changed a bit. And, as all new good alpine shoes, they have a little strap to avoid getting snow in your shoes. Ready for the Summer and the Winter I guess :)
Second: the Arrow lila (lady), for running, walking and just casual walking. They're my favourite running shoes. The old ones are completely 'gone', as I wore them every day :)
Third: the Mutant, a bouldering shoe adjusted for lead climbing. Because of the strap, you can thighten the shoes pretty well. Only a little problem: I think they're too small...again, strange those sizes, I fitted exactly the same shoe about three weeks ago in that exact size and now they don't fit...did my feet grow that much??
Fourth: socks, yes Boreal has socks as well. And actually, they look just as good as your favourite socks of any other brand :)
Next week: full test results!
Anyway, I'm happy.
If you'd like to try those shoes as well, please contact me and check the Boreal website.

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