Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Worldcup Boulder Eindhoven

Just a couple days to go.
I'm nervous and have the feeling I'm not strong enough, not good enough.

Erik told me yesterday that 50% of my strength is 'between my ears'. If I'd stop 'thinking', be more relaxed, I'd climb a lot better...which is true, I guess.

Most of the times, when I climb something difficult I'm surprised, not expecting to climb the thing. And that happens when I'm not under pressure of time, people or whatever.
So actually, climbing competitions is my weakest thing. (Then why do I join the WorldCup???)

This Friday I'll climb the qualifications and hopefully I'll land in the semi-finals (...getting little butterflies in my tummy by just thinking of it)

Friday June 25
08:30 Doors open
09:00 Start qualifications Women
11:45 End qualifications Women
14:30 Start qualifications Men
18:30 End qualifications men

Saturday June 26
12:00 Doors open
13:00 Start Semi-finals Woman and Men
15:30 End Semi-finals Woman and Men

19:30 Start finals Women and Men
22:00 Award Ceremony

And there are several side events, demonstrations with Breakdance, Taekwondo, Bike-polo

So, if you want to see me climbing on Friday, wake up early and get to 'Klokgebouw 141' in Eindhoven.

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Leon said...

Keep on thinking about it until you are comfortable with those butterflies flying around anyway. Or until the butterflies get bored and go away ;-)