Sunday, June 20, 2010

New! Petzl gear

Yes, so cool to receive a big box full of gear!
Yesterday I went to Demmenie Sport in Amsterdam to pick up my birthday-sinterklaas-christmas-presents for the next 10 years.

I'm sponsored by my favourite climbing brand, Petzl. (Really, it is my favourite brand, even before I got sponsored I gathered as much I could from Petzl. Petzl Spirit draws, Hirundos harness, krabs, Meteor helmet were already in my collection.)

Whats new:
  • Attache 3D krabs, extremely light krabs with renewed gate to ease opening and safe closing.
  • Spirit draws, my favourite draws, they're the best with keylock clip system and just the clipping sound is so good that it's my ringtone on my phone.
  • St. Anneau slings, nicely coloured new slings. (My old ones became very fluffy...)
  • Nitro screamers (energy absorber), showed them to my parents and now they understand: climb safe, use screamers.
  • Bug climbing backpack, handy little rucksack for fashionable climbs (and your rope, headlamp, draws, helmet, water and jacket)
  • Koda chalkbag, my millipede got a baby!
  • Power Crunch magnesium, I sweat a lot so I need a lot of chalk.
  • Sarken crampons, technical duo-point crampons for the longer iceclimbs.
  • Swivel to attach my axes when I'm training indoors or on glaciers.
  • MC T-shirt, black Petzl logo t-shirt, I'm fixing it now to make it look girly ;)
Oh yeah, now I NEED to go out and use it :)

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Leon said...

Did Petzl also supply those killer climbing high heels? ;-))