Thursday, June 24, 2010

Worldcup Boulder Eindhoven

Oeeee, almost. Just one night, a bit of soccer and then climbing!
I just had the technical meeting and got the starting list.
I'm already nervous and feel this little heartbeat in my throat. But, I already felt better after I met another iceclimber: Radka from Bulgaria. She's kind and social, so time to chill and laugh :)
I'm number 31 on the list for tomorrow. Which means I'll be one of the last to climb.
On the website of the Worldcup you can follow a livestream.
The Womens qualifications starts at 9h (Dutch time) which means I won't be climbing before 10h.
The Belgian climber CloƩ (also an iceclimber) takes the lead on the list. Vera, is first of the Dutch to boulder as number 21. Then Magli form Belgium (nr. 25), then me (nr. 31) Roelien (nr. 34), Radka (nr. 36), Marianne (nr. 37), Rachel (nr. 38), Nikki (nr. 39) and Channah (nr. 40) (see the whole list on the IFSC website)
And now: have fun...and climb well :)

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