Sunday, June 20, 2010

Sunday Movie Time

My life is so complicated/simple (circle the right answer).
When I'm not climbing I am:
  • Dreaming about climbing
  • Fixing my climbing gear
  • Working as climbing instructor
  • Planning my climbing holidays
  • Chatting with my climbing friends
  • Make climbing pictures
  • Write about climbing
  • climbing movies
Like this one about Tim Emmet on Muy Caliente in Wales (E10 6c)
In the movie he didn't finish his line, but he recently climbed his route.
Tim about Muy Caliente:

“The section to the gear would warrant E9 in its own right, featuring F8a climbing in a very dangerous position.

The crux comes after the gear and is the equivalent of a V7 boulder problem. It bumps the whole route up to F8b.

It’s hard to say whether it’s E10 because I haven’t done one before! I have done Meshuga and Chicama (both E9) and been on Divided Years E8/9, Parthian Shot E9, Alchemine E9 and Rhapsody E11. Also ‘Ghost Train’ is F7a and has been E7 for years, now considered tough E6, – ‘Muy Caliente’ is F8b, with the same run out. I think E10 is a fair suggestion.”

(Thanks to Rogier van Rijn for the post about Tim on his blog)

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