Monday, June 21, 2010

Trad climbing meeting in Italy

Good news, again :)
I'm one of the two (or three, Dennis, I hope you can join us too!) who's invited by the NKBV (Dutch Alpine Club) to go the the International Trad Climbing Meeting in Valle Orco in Italy (yes, close to Arco)

It's not yet going to happen, but I just received my invitation. In September I'll go there... :)

For all who don't understand what I mean with 'trad climbing' (like my parents...)
It's that kind of climbing that you place "things" in the rocks as protection. If you know how to handle the gear it's completely safe (really mum, I'm always on a rope)

Here two video's of some climbing in the Orco area. One friendly multipitch version and Didier Berthod climbing one hard (HARD!) line.

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Leon said...

Owwww, I'm jealous! ;-)
Wanna go there too!

Have a great time!!