Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Ailefroide pt. 2

And another day with internet :)
It's hard to get a good connection to upload photo's and videos...
But now in Gap (yes, close to Céüse) I'm having a good connection :)
We left Ailefroide because the weather predicted some cold days with maybe some rain. So Bérarde and Céüse are my next desinations.
We'd been climbing some really nice things and trained with our big backpack for our "dream climb"
on the Trois Dents du Pevloux. Not sure if we'll make it though :)
Trad climbing in Ailefroide is harden then we thought. Most lines which are listed as trad in the topo are actually
fully bolted. Frustrating, getting prepared, being enthusiastic for a new line... get to the route and realise
we actually don't need all our cams and nuts...Even more when you climb and see it's just not necessary to bolt
the line, prefect placements all the way... Though, with a heavy backpack on trad 6a, I can still get quite scared...
The pictures: Tout a Blocs bouldering competition and trad-climbing training with a backpack :)

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