Friday, August 06, 2010

Summer trip pt3.

Chamonix got one place which is always good. Not healty, but handy: MacDonalds. With free internet :) Time to post something new on my blog.
Loads has happened since my last post. The best thing was my one-midday-visit to Céüse and climbing Pic de Bure: TD+ 6a+ max (and A0) 29 pitches 600m.

We were so much into trad and multipitch mode that we decided to do a nice line on a nice wall. Not knowing that the thing was so impressive: until the last pitch you just didn't see the top of the wall and you had just a big, big, big wall beneath you. Abseiling was almost impossible (as the topo wrote, and as we figured on the way up...) so just one option: up! After 10 pitches we got quite lost and weren't sure any longer if we were on pitch 11, 12, 13, 14...or wherever on the wall...
And that's what we did in 25hrs and 30 minutes (including one bivouac on the 7th? pitch)
We were so happy we made it all the way!
Later we had a good pizza birthday party and drove to La Bérarde to get to the Dibona.
We had been lucky with the weather all the time, but now: rain, thunder and even wet snow... We had to wait for 2days before we could walk up and climb. We climbed one line (took out 3 cams, one nut and a ATC Guide) and rain again... :( So we decided to walk down again and drive to Chamonix for our last Summer days...
Dennis has to be back in Holland on the 12th/13th so hopefully some good last days here in Cham!

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