Friday, August 20, 2010

The last week

Loads of things going on now back in Holland.
Probably a new place to live, a new job, new thoughts and climbing ambitions.
This weekend I'll be trying to climb the cracks in Ettringen together with Kris, Roland and Jelle. Sweet!

I made some time this week to make the last clip of our Summer trip and surf the internet for some new stuff....:

New video's.
Before we started our holiday we went to "Nordwand" a movie about one of the first attempts on the Eiger northface. We watched the movie in an empty cinema due to the football match. We beoth don't like football so it was perfect timing.
An impressive movie of how two climbers live their dream and risk their lives in a time of war. The Second World War.
We both had a teardrop in our eyes in the end of the movie, just because it's so hard, beautiful, painful to watch.
You really should see Nordwand I think.

Now, theres another movie: Metanoia. Again about the Eiger. Again the northface. Different times, same passion. It's more a kind of documentary about the life of Jeff Lowe and how he came to climbing his extremely hard line on the Eiger. See the trailer of the movie here.
Hmmm, imagine being strong enough to climb that line...

But those famous climbers are not the only ones trying to get up to the summits.
Sometimes life isn't as easy as it all looks. Sometimes life tries to take away everything you have and you have to fight to get it back. Then, when you have it all back again (sort of) it's the most beautiful thing to do: climb. That is kind of what Ágúst is doing: "Going up, despite limitations" is what is website says. And that's basically what he's been doing with his life and with his climbing this Summer. Curious? Read about his adventures on his blog here.

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