Sunday, July 04, 2010

Pink Moon Run 2010

Haha! Surprises are fun!
Yesterday evening I joined the 'Pink Moon Run' in Muiden.
Thanks to: Hans, Alie, Diederik, Dennis, Gertrude en Johan, Erik, ...
I was able to get even €60,- together! I ran for breast cancer together with more then 150
other runners and walkers.

The run was nice: after one kilometre I was all alone, with three male runners in front of me and all female runners far behind. I had no music because my iPod doesn't work. So I was listening to the silence and my own running pace. On the second part over the dike I saw the sunset. A huge orange bowl going down behind the dike.
It all did make me think of breast cancer. One on eight females gets breast cancer. And thats a high number... I know two people myself, who luckily survived the cancer. But I heard many stories of young people dying on breast cancer... One grabbed me, my dad told me about a teacher who got the w
rong cancer medicines for years and died in her struggle to survive. That is hard, painful.
I hope, with the run, to help people fight against cancer!

I didn't run to win, I just ran to enjoy and do something good. But afterwards, when I finished, I heard they had prices for the first place in the 5 and 8 kilometre run! With my 48 minutes I landed in first place! Just two minutes behind the fastest male.
Not bad for a climber :)

Before we ran we had a speech form the Major of Muiden and a warm-up.
Ilse, the one who did the warm-up was a bit weird though. Stretching when being completely cold and she made, after many other remarks about my body and fitness, this funny remark: you've got a nice ass (lekker kontje) my dad was standing next to me and found it almost necessary to protect me for the lesbian sounding insult ;)

The big winner in the end was the fund 'A Sister's hope'. All runners and walkers together raised over €12.000 for the fund! Over €4000 more compared to last years Run&Walk!

Pictures: Hans van der Steen

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Leon said...

Whahaha, watch out for those Dykes on the Dike! But they are right, you do have a nice ass. Watch your six! :-)