Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Ailefroide pt. 1

Finally, some internet to write about my adventures.
I'm eating McFlurry and enjoy the free internet of the MacDonalds in Brinacon.
Just went shopping. We have a rest day to spend some money on climbing stuff.
I have a new backpack, really small and still big (45L Grivel)
I really needed one, after my tour this last days. My 30L backback can't hold a tent, all trad gear, axe, food, sleeping bag and more...
I made a little movie of the first days on the road to Ailefroide, more video's soon :)
After the adventures in the video we climbed some more stuff close to the Glacier Blanc, attempted to open a new trad line and failed (as we found some really ancient gear all the way) did some bouldering, and we've been reading the guidebooks like a bible. Figured we want to do a really long line on the Pelvoux, 20 pitches, 2 bivouacs, 2 glacier to cross more then 6 6a's and all trad of course :)

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