Sunday, January 24, 2010

Saas Fee 3

After the comp we went for a little iceclimb. Easy but fun. Weird to climb with people I've never climbed with. It all was a bit messy, but I really loved swinging my axes in some ice again.
Dennis and me went right. Corné, Tim and Edwin went left. Two little lengths and we ended in the middle together again.
Afterwards we enjoyed pancakes at Menno's place in Grächen. We watched the women's finals online and went back to Saas Fee just before the men's finals started.
And then of course we had the crazy party with people bouldering in the roof, t-shirts getting ripped off and loads of beer.
We went to the area this midday again and the only smell we smelled was beer, no climbing atmosphere at all longer. Time to leave.
We'll head for Rabenstein soon.

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RUben said...

Hey Marianne!
Nice blogs(writing), nice to read how you experience the ice climbing atmosphere.