Monday, January 11, 2010


In the Netherlands it's rare nowadays to have so much ice and snow. But when there is ice, the whole country get's crazy for iceskating on natural ice. Even if the conditions are not good, they still try to get on the ice.
So, my brother and me as well.
Only this time a bit different. The Dutch Championships Icesurfing were cancelled so we tried out old-fasioned method at Muiderberg.
In the morning we searched for hours and hours to find a 'pollepel' (big soup-serving spoon). It took us a drive to three different shopping centers and a massive search on the attic before we found one. Just one...And we're with 2. But we just went!
The whole day we stood on the ice with wind and snow and enjoyed ourselves with the most simple icesurfing system ever: the pollepel.
We got many reactions from "levensgevaarlijk", to "natural born inventors". And best of all was, that we went much faster then all the kite-boarders with their ski's and snowboards and that whilst the ice was really snowy. The video is my brother showing how to be fast on the ice (me filming).

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