Sunday, January 24, 2010

Saas Fee 1

So...finally internet again at the appartment of the Americans and Canadian (they say "hi").
And we took a shower too...But I'm not sure if that works as all my clothes are smelly and dirty including the sheets I'm sleeping in.
It took a while to get here and when we arrived we couldn't get any electricity. So I had a free stay at the Americans (thanks).
On Friday we had the first competition day. And the meeting with all the climbers on Thursday, including pasta and the drawing of the starting numbers. Mine was 12.
I had to wake up around 6 on Friday as the isolation closed at 8 in the morning. I was the second climber, so really had to be early. Not the best start, to start on that time in the morning.
But with a bit of running, loads of figure-of-four's and pull ups, I thought I was ready for climbing.
So, my turn, nervous, more nervous then in Daone. So I decided to climb slowly to keep steady and not get pumped, shake a lot. I climbed, climbed and actually didn't find it too hard, but then I heard: 'one minute', which means I have one more minute to finish the route. And I stressed! Wobbly on the holds I suddenly popped off! I was disappointed and thought all girls would top out the route.
But after the 20 girls climbed it turned that I was 11th and thus in half-finals! I was so happy and surprised!
Later on the day we had the speed. Eight Russians, one Romanian and me. The girls don't want to join because it's easy to injure yourself with the meat-hooks you use for the climbing.
I went ok in my first run out of three, fell in the second, decided to go on safe but fast on the third run but fell again! So my first time counted, which wasn't such a good time. I wasn't very happy, and thought I could do better. With an 8th place I thought I should train this thing for next year.
Corne was injured and unlucky and Dennis got pumped (duh). Dennis landed in 29th place (?) and Corne in somewhere last place :(
Though, speed was really exciting! Dennis put up the third time in the qualifications and had a chance to get win! So all nervous and excited we watched and cheered. With some unlucky runs in the finals Dennis landed on 6th place, which is not bad. The ice was not so good, he was nervous and the others are also pretty good. Of course the Russians won, but, hopefully there will be a Dutchman 1st, 2nd or 3rd next time!
Tomorrow the half finals, waking up early again and do something good :)
Pictures by Corne Brouwer. The picture of the dude at the Red Bull table (drinking Red Bull-Jagermeister) is being stitched by his friend Mark after he cut himself with the speedclimbing qualifications. (Maybe speed climbing is a bit dangerous? Who's going to make us some cut-free gloves and trousers? Diederik? Dennis?)

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