Wednesday, January 20, 2010


After a train-road-trip we arrived in Kandersteg, Swiss.
It is so great to be in between those beautiful big mountains. I get this thrill of wanting to climb them all and never leave this place!
There is so much to do here. Even if you're over 50 you can still have some fun with ski-walking (langlaufen) in this langlauf-resort of Kandersteg.
But we didn't get there for the langlaufing...
In Ueschinen the is a big cave with a ice curtain and loads of mixed routes!
With an hour walk we got there and I didn't believe my eyes: all routes filled with the world's best iceclimbers. Little puppets hanging in between massive icicles.
Corne took pictures of Dennis and me and hung around the Romenian girls.
My eyes fell out of their sockets by seeing this cool rock and ice, my arms almost fell off because of the pump en my hand broke off because of the cold. But wauw, that's so much fun!
I hung around in an M8- and almost climbed it!
The next day, today, Dennis and me went up again. We really wanted to climb and almost ran up into the valley of Ueschinen.
After some dubbing we decided to get onto a route called Pink Panther. (M9+)
I started and got over the ice, and some further, and then I was so pumped, cold and confused of what to do...I climbed on to the almost top just before the next curtain and went down.
Then Dennis' turn. He struggled, went longer and longer and then lost his axe!
So me again. Further and further...and then I fell, too pumped, nooo! Dennis then climed the route and was satisfied he could still do it. A good test.
I climbed the route third go. And I was so happy I climbed this cool, pumpy, various ice-rock line! Afterwards we tried something harder but had to leave the route. Time was up.
I'm going back there!
Dennis has some nice pictures of us on his Picasa album

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