Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Easter, hot weather, actually warmest Easter ever measured in the Netherlands.
So, where do you go? South? Chamonix? East? Ettringen? Freyr? Pfalz?
We had no idea, wanted to go for something new, something different.

Dennis' was once told that Götenborg had amazing climbing.
So, the car already packed with iceaxes, crampons, chalk, bikini and trad gear some Google calculations we decided to drive North (really we decided to go to Sweden in just 2 minutes time).

And what a choice, it was one of our best trips so far: beautiful cracks, even better weather, nice people, and the surroundings...Sweden is amazing!

Soon a little video and we want to write a report so you all can find the climbing there.
But, as I really need some money, I now first have to focus on work again...

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