Tuesday, April 19, 2011

IRATA in the Zoo

Except from just climbing, climbing and climbing I'm also....working...
Although it was basically a 'high-class cleaning job' it was still better then most work I can imagine.
Together with Rob, Robert, Thimo, Sjoerd, Carl and Michel I was literary hanging around in the zoo.
Cleaning a big cloth that represented a sea view in the area called 'Ocean'. (Big fish tank full of tropical fish).
The climate was, guess what, tropical. So we were hanging there in our shorts.
It's sort of finished. And we we sort of finished as well :)
The little boy on the picture next to the 2m tall guy iz me...:)
The two guys cleaning are Robert and Rob

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Alex said...

Nice, tropical weather and you didn't even need working boots ;-) Good to see you're getting rope access jobs!