Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Editing is boring, sitting behind a computer for the whole day is boring too.
But, at least I can do something. I can already type with two hands again.
I can't wait to climb again! My body (and mind) is just not made for sitting all day.
Here the first versions of the video's. Not finished yet, way too long, have to change some texts and...add in music. But at least there's something to watch.
Enjoy and comment (please)
*why doesn't it want to embed?...ok, here just the link...*


Ice said...

Video is set to Private :( Can't watch it.

Marianne said...

Hey Ási,
jep, true, I've put it on private as some people in the video didn't want their images all over the net...(being drunk and stuff)
Soon I'll put on a better video :)
How's Canada doing? Did you climb some good ice/mixed/dry?