Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Broken arm part 2

Finally home...
I left Chamonix last Saturday for a 2hour taxi drive to the airport of Chambery.
There it was total chaos due to the snow fall, cancelled flights and stuff. But at the information desk they took me straight to some waiting room. Relaxed sitting with a cup of tea with the other cripled. Now checks for my luggage, no passport check...(Imagine what I could have smuggled with that broken arm!)
Of course we started talking: how did you brake your shoulder/hip/back/neck/arm/leg?
That was the fun part for me. Roeland and I already guessed: the blue piste (maybe they should close that blue piste down...so many accidents on blue ski pistes). They all (more then ten) had the same excuse and said "but I didn't even go very fast".
I decided not to tell them my story, I felt most were too stupid to understand anyway.
We flew to Antwerp (Belgium). Weird to sit between 16 cripled complaining that their leg/back/neck/shoulder hurts.
I really wanted to take pictures, but even my mobile phone had to be off, too bad!
In Antwerp I got a special ambulance (why?) to bring me all the way to Muiden, where my parents and brother live (15km. from Amsterdam).
The driver had as family name 'van Steen', almost the same as mine. So conversation started easily. And with such a long drive you can talk about a lot of things. I know all about his life as medic in Africa, that he's aldready 69 years and as old man he of course had to talk about my future and boyfriend issues. He gave me some good (old fashioned crap) advices.
My parents and brother were happy to see me, almost happy that I broke my arm, as I normally never get home.
This Monday I had to get to the hospital again. New X-Rays and a good look at my arm. In Thun (CH) they wanted to operate, put a plate in my arm and cut off some muscle. That sounded like my worst nightmare and the last days I kept on dreaming about that. Waking up, thinking I'd never be able to climb again.
So, I was quite nervous when I got there. But prepared. I had loads of time to surf the net for expiriences, advices and more about broken arms.
And again, then doctor said they were concidering operation. I started to doubt my (and his) knowlegde and asked if he could discuss the situation with his colleagues. Some more waiting, X-Rays and waiting later, he decided not to operate and give me some new plaster for 4 weeks, later the 4 weeks even changed to 3 weeks.
But he was very serious: no climbing, not even the first weeks after the plaster is removed.
He was a bit rude and told me this things happen in dangerous sports. It made me hate the medical system even more. Couldn't he express a bit of understanding?
When I asked for a checkup for my tendons, just to be sure it was only a broken bone, he refused.
After all medical failures/issues (almost 10 years of regular acute Appendicitis and an allergy for female hormone shit) I've had in the past, I'm still worried...
But at least no metal in my arms, only some hard pink plaster (read: plastic) around it for 3 more weeks.
The only metal I get on my arms will be an iceaxe! (Or machine gun like in Planet Terror)
Now I can finally start studing (when I get my books and laptop) and meanwhile I'll do some other things like learning Morse-code, how to edit movies, how cut an apple with your feet and learn to write and wank with left.


Roeland van Oss said...

who are you wanking with left.....?

Marianne said...

Hehe, dat zou je wel willen weten he!
Het was meer een soort beeldspraak :)

Miltisbrandur Jonsson said...

Hang in there Marianne, you'll be back on the ice in no-time. And the pink plaster looks fetching, I know some girls who would willingly break both arms for a cast like that!


Gunnar J. (bjarkarhúsið) said...

I didn't even know they made pink plaster. Real shame about the accident :(. Take care