Friday, February 19, 2010

Bright yellow isn't ugly

Now, after the brilliant idea of having a vote on the new color of my cast, I failed completely.
There was only ugly dark-blue, no orange, only dark red and dark green (which would make me look like a Christmas tree), pink, but I already had pink. Purple, but I already had purple, black, but they said it wouldn't look good and then yellow.
So it was yellow, with the idea of making it a different color as fast as possible. Just make a nice pattern with some nice colors.
I'll need some help with that I think, any volunteers/ideas?
The pictures are taken by my nervous mum. She found it all a bit scary and even forgot how the camera works (just press the big button)

1 comment:

Leon said...

Hey marianne,

Ik lees nu pas dat je je hand/pols gebroken hebt, damn! Hoop dat je goed & volledig herstelt! Doe vooral rustiger aan dan je zou willen ;-)

Ben je nog steeds in NL? Kom je een keer kijken naar m'n nieuwe huisje (in opbouw)?