Sunday, December 27, 2009

Snowy Christmas

Here in Holland there is snow. Even much more then in Reykjavik now. (Weird)
A couple days ago I went for a walk with my dad, we talked a lot and practised our hobby (and my dad's addiction). Photography. We saw some classical Dutch winter-views and took some nice pictures. Here some "raw pictures", with an edge around it and some adjusting they look really nice...I'll show them later on the website
Afterwards we went for a climb in the gym in Bussum. I was proud of having my dad as a belayer!
Now, Valdi is in Holland too, so we can have some fun together.
He's been really lazy today though: slept till 12 'o clock. I hope he'll be active enough to go for a climb :D or at least play belay-bitch, tryggjatik, zekerteef.

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